Private lending for real estate investors and developers

We lend to experienced residential real estate investors. We fund fix-and-flip projects, ground-up construction, and a variety of single-family and multi-family rental loans. Our service can’t be beat, and we’re competitive on rates – start your application now!

Our products

Find the right loan program for your investment.


Residential (1-4 units)
Rates starting at 7.99%
up to18 months loan term
$50k-$25m loan amount
90% purchase and 100%  rehab
75% maximum ARV

Multifamily bridge

Small balance residential multi-family  (5+ units)
Rates starting at 6.49%
$500k+ loan amount
75% maximum loan-to-stabilized value
Up to 24 months plus two
6-month extensions
Interest-only/Fixed/adjustable rate mortgage options

Single-family rental

Rates starting at 3.75%
$75k-$2m loan amount
30 years loan term
Minimum guarantor FICO 680
Single-family/2-4 units/townhomes/ PUD/warrantable condos
30 year fixed-rate mortgage (fully amortizing) 5/1, 7/1, 10/1 hybrid ARMs (partial IO or fully amortizing)
5 ,10 and 30 years loan term


Ground-up construction residential (1-4 units)
Rates starting at 7.95%
$50k-$2m loan amount
50% and 65% of purchase (land and permitted projects), 100% of rehab costs
85% maximum total loan to cost
up to18 months loan term

Rental portfolios

Rates starting at 3.75%
$150k-$50m loan amount
75% maximum loan-to-stabilized value
Single-family/ 2-4 units/ townhomes/ PUD/ warrantable condos
5-20-unit properties allowed up to 15% of loan amount
30-year fixed-rate mortgage (fully amortizing) 5/1, 7/1, 10/1 hybrid ARMs (partial IO or fully amortizing)

Multi-family term

Rates starting at 4.49%
$500k-$5m loan amount
30 years term length
5+ unit residential properties, eligible mixed use
Maximum loan to As-Is value(subject to minimum FICO)
Purchase/rate-term refinance:

Cashout refinance:
75% (loans less than $3m)
70% (loans greater then $3m)
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Why Credeo Finance?

Reliable funding for your fix-and-flip projects. In a world where liquidity is scarce, Credeo Finance will help you to reach your goals. You’re a real estate investor. It’s time to get an investment property loan from a  lender who specializes in it.

Credeo Finance originates, underwrites, and funds real estate investments (hard money, commercial, bridge, alternative loans) for real estate investors’ time-sensitive investment projects.
With our direct access to capital markets, we customize each real estate deal to fit the goals of investors and developers with competitive terms and rates.

Find the right loan program for your investment

We help you grow your investment portfolio super fast!

Short and long terms

Different projects require different terms.

Competetive interest rates

Our access to capital markets allows us to offer you the best rates.

Personalized  service

Your own dedicated professional loan specialist will guide you from underwriting to closing.

Thinking outside the box

Real estate is complex, but we can find an investment property loan that’s right for you.

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